Olympus VF-3 正式發表

Posted: 2011/07/28 in 雜物櫃
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根據網站資料顯示,VF-3 提供 100% 視野,放大倍率從 VF-2 的 1.15 降至 0.97,但像素則同時從 144 萬降至 90萬。這款新的取景器體積稍微縮小了一點,支援 PEN 系列與 XZ-1。確定售價為 179 美元。

The company has also introduced the VF-3 electronic viewfinder for its PEN series of Micro Four Thirds cameras. This is a smaller, slightly lower resolution (0.97x magnification, 920k dot, rather than 1.15x, 1.44M dot) alternative to the existing VF-2. Compatible with all PEN cameras that have an accessory port, the VF-3 has a street price of $179.99, offers a 100% field of view and can be tilted by up to 90 degrees.

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