Little Britain USA

Posted: 2008/10/21 in 雜物櫃

搬到了美國的小小不列顛,雖然一樣的風趣幽默,但美國人會懂得笑嗎?yea but no but yea but no… shut up….

Characters from Left to Right:

Front Row:
Mildred, Marjorie Dawes, Bubbles De Vere, Phyllis Church, Mr. Doggy, Ellie Grace, Andy Pipkin

Middle Row:
Tom, Sebastian Love, George, Sandra, Mark, Vicky Pollard, Ellie Grace’s Mom, Emily Howard, Lou Todd

Back Row:
Bing Gordyn, Daffyd Thomas, Harvey Pincher, Carol Beer

1. Little Britain USA – Official webste
2. 《小小不列顛》

  1. gigiwong 說道:

    i love you more than Bubbles de Vere….

  2. ricup 說道:

    i love you more than Vicky Pollard~
    (no swear words pls) hohoh

  3. gigiwong 說道:

    I love you more than Emily Howard the Lady~~

    but if no swear words then this conversation can’t be continue ga wor~ haha

    i like the couple George and Sandra, they are quite stand-out from others. so sad to face the reality of boredom~~

  4. ricup 說道:

    haha…. heavy language is not welcome in my blog.

    George and Sandra are funny… haha, I can feel the boredom!

  5. Fatfighter Deven 說道:

    yea but no but yea…

    I’m a LADY~

    open your eyes, open your eyes…

    the computer says NOoooo…


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